What Sets a Lace Front Wig Apart?

There are a variety of wigs, there are synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. We also have lace front wigs, skin top wigs and so much more diversifications in the wig world. All wigs have their own strengths and weaknesses. We are going to look at why the lace front wigs are a better choice compared to the other wigs. Is it the quality of hair used on lace fronts wigs or is it the wig construction itself? Let us dive in and see why the lace front wigs are more preferred compared to other wig types.

What is a lace front wig?

It is also known as a lace wig. It is a unique hairpiece that is made up of any kind of hair such as synthetic or human hair, tied up to a sheer lace which is later placed on a person’s head as a wig. The difference between a lace front wig and other wigs is that the sheer lace gives a natural look as it blends in with your scalp color.

Natural Appearance
The most common reason for going for a lace front wig would be the benefit of the lace front itself. It is made up of a sheer lace front that is see-through, this gives off a natural look to the hairstyle. Some wigs can be placed on top of your hairline or you can place them slightly behind your hairline to show off your natural hairline. The way the hair is sewn onto the lace is in such a way that it looks like the hair is practically growing from your own scalp. The lace front just melts into your scalp and blends with your skin tone. If there is a slight color difference, you can always use your foundation for makeup to color where you will be parting your hair.

Say goodbye to itchy hot wigs. Lace front wigs have a breathable wig cap but this also is dependent on the type of wig that you buy. Some don’t always have a full lace. This is a great advantage because it makes it easy for you to wear the wig daily. There are a good number of wigs that you can wear daily, a good example would be Chrissy from our lace front wigs collection. It is made up of Remy hair which is hand-tied to Swiss lace. The hair density is about 150% but with the Swiss lace front, there is no room for a sweaty, itchy scalp due to heat. There is free circulation of air.

Diversity in Styling

Women of all age groups most like to change their hairstyles regularly. Lace front wigs allow you to style however you would want to without restrictions. Unlike some wig types, lace front wigs generally have high-quality hair. The hair is soft and light and the other thing to consider in this regard is the fact that the hair is individually sewn onto the lace. The hair is heat friendly and this means you can either curl it or straighten it according to your personal preference. You can also try out various partings or ponytails without having to worry about exposing wefts or anything. Eos|100% Human Hair Straight 13″ * 4″ Lace Wigs with Layers, is a perfect example of this. It has a lace at the back and at the front, if you choose to do an updo there will be nothing unnatural revealed, it will look just like your natural hair. We cannot talk of styling wigs and not mention dying it. You can switch up your look by dying your hair with your favorite dye.

Diversity in Lace Front Wig Styles
The choices available to choose from are endless. You can first select one that has a lace front that matches your scalp, a wig that has a lace front or a 360-degree lace, and the type of hair you want also comes into play, will it be synthetic or human hair. If there has been innovation in the hair industry, lace front wigs take the trophy. Hair specialists are very creative in this has resulted in us having styles beyond our imagination. The very fact that there are so many choices might be great news to you or a source of confusion when it comes to buying a wig that perfectly suits you. Get in touch with our UNIWIGS team on our website to get the help that you need.

There are high chances that a lace front wig will last longer compared to any other kind of wig. The construction of the whole wig is a delicate process all focused on providing the customer with high quality and comfortable wig. This plays a big role in how long the wig will last. Generally, lace front wigs are made with high-quality hair and this also contributes to the wig lasting for a reasonable amount of time, in some cases, years. However, it is important to note that some producers use cheap low-quality hair to make lace front wigs and it will be more safe or wise to buy from a well-known brand such as UNIWIGS. The hair quality is top-notch and the fact that shedding is minimal is the reason why you should get yours immediately. There is nothing better than getting a high-quality wig that lasts for ages. Invest in the best.

We choose to wear lace front wigs for a variety of reasons, for some, it’s because they are uncomplicated to wear and maintain, and for some, it’s because they are suffering from hair loss and need something to wear as their hair recovers. Whatever the reason might be, the great news is that there is something for everyone. We have diverse shades, lengths, wigs with free parting and some with a middle parting. All these choices might be immense but that is why UniWigs is here, to provide you with the help you need in navigating your way amongst all these choices.

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