Top 3 Party-night African American Wigs for Round Faces

Fashion standards may seem a little biased when it comes to the shape and size of a woman’s face and figure. But, thankfully, there are African American wigs for round faces that people like us with round chubby faces have a way to play with our looks. Specially designed to complement round faces, whether African or American, these wigs do not just save the impression of a round figure but also complement the roundedness of the face to give it a sleeker look.

Wigs Can Save the Night For You!

Wigs are fast becoming a popular fashion accessory for teens and adults. The flexibility of playing with the hairstyles without damaging your real hair is what makes them such a popular choice to go for at any event. You can instantly wear a wig and turn your boring hair into a stylish, freshly blow-dried, stunningly styled hairstyle and get ready in minutes to rock the party. So, when it comes to a prom-night or a party-night, wigs can be an image-saver, rather, a night-saver!

Especially if you are among those pretty round faces who have a tendency to look beautiful in every way with a subtle transition, you certainly look for ways to flatter your look for a party without giving the impression of chubbiness. The best part of using a wig is that it does not create a false impression of your face cut (like what a makeup contour does), but it enhances your natural beauty by creating a visual balance around your face. This does not make the viewer feel that you are Skinnier (than you actually are) but gives them the impression that you look BEAUTIFUL – as you are!

How to Choose an African American Wig for Round Faces?

Round faces are blessed with softer looks. Broad bones, fuller cheeks and wide hairlines give them a sweet and soft touch. There are many hairstyles to play with your natural round face, but while you may be struggling to find the best fit for your round face cut, there are a few things to keep in mind while you are searching for the best wig for your face-cut:

Choose a wig with a longer length to balance the wide bones and hairline

If the wig is cut in a layers hairstyle, choose a layer with a longer length that comes at least around your neck s it looks your cheeks less fuller

If you are selecting a curly hair wig, choose the curls that add height to the top of your head

Use the side-swept bangs with deeper side parting to balance the round face with an angle

If you are going for the bobs and lobs hairstyles in the wigs, choose the ones that end below your chin up to your neck so that it does not make your face look more rounded

If you prefer short wigs, it is best to go for heightened wigs instead of voluminous wigs. More volume will make a face fuller, while heightened wigs will add length to the face

Top 3 African American Wigs for Round Faces – Our Pick of the Week!

1.Rock the Long Bob!

There are plenty of looks to rock the party night, but with a long bob, you do not only make it all look stylish and chic but also cut down the fullness of your face through a side parting.

A long bob is a lengthier variation of a short bob. It is a haircut where the hair is cut above your shoulders in a rounded manner but falls down to your neck’s base. This does not only give an oblong look to the face but also makes it look more angled at the top if you part from one side. The closely dangling hair around your face and neck gives an impression of activity and enthusiasm that fits your entire party look.

2.Let it Loose!

The long flowing hair tussles set on each side of your face and running below your shoulders is the perfect African American wig for a round face. Whether you have a fuller face or a sleeker but round face cut, this long hair wig can instantly uplift your features and make your face look balanced in proportions.

Deep parting on one side at the top of your face will also add height to the head and give an angle to the face cut bringing an impression of depth to your face. Pull off this universal look confidently at an evening party, prom night, a friend’s wedding party or any other event.

3.Curl it High!

If you are someone who loves curls and feel it adds not just volume but interest to plain straight hair, congratulations! You have a perfect African American Wig to go with your round face. A long hair, closely curled wig is a perfect human hair wig to compliment a round face.

Parted deeply on the side, the close curls do not just add height atthe top of the head but also make you look stunningly beautiful as it draws more attention to your eyes. With subtle makeup or bold lips color, you are all set to rock your look for the night!

Wigs are a great way to instantly upgrade your entire look. And if you are a constant party rocker, you have a time-saving way of wearing different looks without spending hours in the salon and tons of money on your hair grooming. With easy-to-wear wigs, you are all set to rock the party within minutes and do not spend hours later shampooing your hair or untangling them.

For more complementing wigs for round faces and every other face cut, we have a diverse range of wigs made of human hair and breathable lace fronts. Browse through our store and find your best match.

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