Something You Should Know About Lace Front Wigs For African American Women

Hair loss is painful for all of us; however, it might be more noticeable for some, especially if you are an African American woman. Afro beauties have full hair heads, and they are famous for their thick bouncy hair locks, which unfortunately makes hair thinning more noticeable.

Afro hair loss is quite common due to various conditions such as diet, stress, dandruff, eczema, dermatitis, and in the worst situation- alopecia. If adequately managed, hair thinning is treatable, but it is relatively harder to regrow hair once the thinning starts.

If you are also suffering from afro hair loss, you must have already spent a massive chunk of your hard-earned money upon hair treatments.

All in vain? Try lace front wigs that are specifically designed for African American women to help them look fabulous.

Lace front wigs are very common amongst women of all ages. Affordability and durability combined make a perfect lace front wig, so if you are looking for an affordable solution to hide hair thinning and balding, a lace front wig is just the ideal solution for you.

Inspiration | Long Ombre Blonde Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

The inspiration is a one-stop-shop for all your desired hairstyles, featuring a sustainable and breathable French lace cap along with virgin Remy human hair. You can easily curl, iron, or braid the hair strands without caring about any damage.

It creates a multi-dimensional effect with a gorgeous caramel top base and beautiful ashes blonde highlights. The wig is perfect for women looking for a contemporary hair color that is neither too bold nor dull.

Athena | Straight Short Bob Human Hair Wigs 4″x4″ Lace Closure Wig

Looking for short and clean-cut bob hair? Athena is here to give that flawless look. It features healthy, vibrant, and smooth natural hair in shiny black color. The wig comes in two shades of black so that you may choose one according to your preference.

Athena has straight hair that looks strikingly beautiful when worn. The lace front style allows you to enjoy natural-looking middle or side parting. Don’t forget to style it with your favorite accessories to add more grace.

Hecate | Deep Wave Short Bob Human Hair 4″x4″ Lace Closure Wig

Want a hair wig featuring the signature afro texture tousled hair? Hecate must be your go-to if you want a stylish afro hair wig in lace front style. The lace front cap underneath is super soft and comfortable, so you can wear the wig for as long as you want without damaging your scalp.

It also features a natural-looking wavy hairline to finish off the look with utmost perfection. Add this wig to your cart to get a fun and fresh look without any hassle. With Hecate, forget braiding and curling. Just secure the wig on your head, and voila! You are ready to rock.

Urania | Deep Wave 100% Human Hair 13″x4″ Lace Front Wig

Not a fan of bob hair? Get this ready-to-wear shoulder-length wig featuring luscious curls and gorgeous hair strands. Party, concert, official dinner, date night, or friend’s reunion, you can wear this wig any day, every day.

It is already pre-styled, saving you from the hassle of curling your hair for hours before stepping out. The cap beneath is made of breathable French lace fabric and is soft enough to wear the wig all day long without feeling uncomfortable. Wefted back helps secure the wig upon your hair and prevents damage.

Hebe | Body Wave Human Hair 13″x4″ Lace Front Wig with Bangs

Hebe shows off perfectly natural-looking hair with a wavy hairline and straight roots transitioning into a wavy texture towards the end. The wig also has bangs in front for all those looking for stylish wigs that can be used to create multiple looks.

It has shoulder-length hair, so you can easily create updos, fish braids, or messy buns. Hair stands are also heat-friendly, so you can easily curl or iron them with the help of heating tools. Lace front has shorter-length hair to create additional volume and mimic a full head look from front and back.

Hollie | Straight Short Bob Ombre Burgundy Human Hair 13″x4″ Lace Front Wig

Reddish-brown burgundy hair and healthy-looking bob render Hollie one of the most trendy hair wigs for African American women. The wig features human hair strands and a front lace made up of soft and comfortable fabric. It gives you a chance to flaunt a stylish yet graceful look.

It is the kind of wig that helps you replace a subtle day look with a striking night look within seconds as the reddish burgundy hair compliments every makeup and skin tone.

Honor | Ombre Strawberry Blonde Straight Short Bob Human Hair 13″x4″ Lace Front Wig

A modern-looking bob featuring straight razor-cut hair and elegant blonde color make Honor the most sought-after wig for women. The dull blonde color gives off an ethereal grace and adds unlimited charm to your personality.

The hair strands are smooth and do not get tangled, which helps you manage a healthy and vibrant bob-cut hairstyle. The lace cap underneath comes in two different sizes to help you find the most suitable size according to your head circumference.

UniWigs crafts premium quality lace front wigs for African American women. Our wigs perfectly mimic the texture and volume of signature original hair, which helps you wear your hair with ultimate pride and contentment.

The hair strands are hand-tied to lace caps in order to make durable and comfortable lace front wigs. The fabric we use for the caps is also extremely breathable and helps you fight off the scalp infection and scorching summer heat.

So grab yours before the stock runs out.

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